George's Gym Equipment

8768 Red Hill Road

Clinton, New York 13323



George's Gym Equipment started in 1992 in Clinton, New York.   George Shaheen II, an overweight teenager began working out in his parents barn, built in 1908.  The equipment he was using was purchased from a local welder who built very utilitarian pieces.  In his quest for a healthier stronger body, George also began looking for better equipment.  When local retailers could not provide the quality he desired, he began going to fitness equipment trade shows to find the best that companies had to offer.  His sharp eye for detail and his desire to deal with reputable companies that stood behind their products lead him to manufactures of high quality products, like Sports Art Fitness, Vision Fitness, Power Block, Landice, TuffStuff and Magnum Fitness to name a few.

George began building his knowledge and expertise by visiting as many health clubs and personal trainers as possible. He took note of what features and products stood the test of time and daily abuse.  Innovation with purpose was in the forefront of his vision.  Sometimes a basic product like a flat bench could have a profound improvement by a simple change in placement of the racks, the height of the pad, or the angle of the uprights, these made the difference between having a good work-out and just going through the motions.  As he found what made one product better than another, he had friends asking for advice and club owners consulting him on their purchases.  This lead him to start his business selling fitness products and accessories.

Today, George's Gym Equipment still operates out of the same barn, built in 1908, with many improvements since 1992.  The goal of providing every customer with quality fitness equipment and expertise that will make the difference between getting results and just getting a work-out, is still the same.  Our product offering has grown tremendously, and now we provide consulting services as well.  Our long list of successful clients is varied from the smallest of personal training studios to extremely large full service health clubs.  Our focus is on helping our clients achieve their particular goal, wether it is maximizing profitability or adjusting program or staff focus and performance.  Many times, our clients simple know that their business can perform better but they can't see why it is not; we have the expertise and experience that helps them discover and correct the issue.

No matter if you are a customer who needs a treadmill for your home, or a club owner that needs and entire new facility, you will get the same personal, honest, professional service, with quick professional service after the sale, that has become our trademark.  We don't want to "sell" you fitness equipment.  We want to help you reach your fitness goals.  We look forward to working with you..