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Why Quality Plastering?

Aside from the old world charm of plaster, there are many other characteristics that make it a superior choice for your home or office.

Predominately, the appearance and durability of plaster is superior to drywall.  A plaster wall can actually add structural integrity to a building and withstand more abuse and moisture over time.  Have you ever seen cheap drywall that has been filled with nail holes from pictures and other wall hangings after they have been removed?  How many bulges, tears and holes until the whole wall needs to be replaced? What about seeing those indentations in drywall where a screw hole or taped seem wasn't quite filled properly or has cracked over time?  Everyone has seen what happens to drywall after it has been exposed to water or prolonged dampness.  With a quality plaster application, these issue are of no concern. Skim coat plaster gives you a solid consistent surface that withstands the test of time.

If you truly want your home or office to show your discerning taste you should choose the high quality construction and look that only a professional plaster job, by the skilled tradesmen at Joe Sheets Quality Plastering can deliver.



Joe Sheets Custom Plastering

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Why  Joe Sheets Custom Plastering?

Have you ever been so pleased with the work of a tradesman that you were inspired to do more projects, just so you could replicate the same high end appearance?  Working with Joe Sheets Custom Plastering will make you do just that!.

Joe not only does quality work for his clients, he does it in a hassle free, no pressure way that makes him more your friend than a contractor, just read some of the testimonials from his clients.  More importantly, Joe will take the time to discuss your choices and help you to choose what is right for your project.

His work speaks for itself and the mere fact that he has been doing it so long is proof of his skill, artistry and commitment to his craft.  He has a long list of predominate clients that utilize his skills and service over and over.  Many times he is called upon to do additional projects for existing clients at their second homes, camps, and commercial properties.

Perhaps the most important reason to choose Joe Sheets Custom Plastering for your next job is the fact that his work will add tremendous value to your finished product, not only in terms of financial value, but also personal enjoyment.  His plaster walls and ceilings will give you a better appearance, higher sound insulation, finish quality, and long-term durability than drywall or a plaster job that is not applied with his teams' skill and experience..

Call Joe today and let him make your project a work of art!