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I Think They are the BEST Dumbbell Ever!

Let's face it, a set of hex head or pro-style dumbbells from 5 to 50lbs are not cheap.  5 to 90lbs or 5 to 125lbs are even more expensive, not to mention the space they take up.  If you're serious about strength training a few pair of dumbbells just won't cut it, you need lite ones for those small muscles and larger ones for those multi-joint movements.  Powerblock solves all these problems with options that fit almost everyone's needs.


I have personally been using Powerblocks for more than 15 years now, and I prefer them to every other dumbbell I have ever tried.  Not only do they feel better in terms of grip and balance, but in my opinion, they function better in terms of motion.


I just started using a set of the Urethane Powerblocks, specifically the U-90 set after trying them at a trade show.  WOW how awesome!  The only comparison I can make is driving a Porsche 911 after driving a Cadillac.  The sport set is definetly the Cadillac of dumbbells, but the Urethane version just handles that much better, not to mention the appearance.  Regardless if you are looking for pure functionality, or to really have a "sexy" home gym set-up, PowerBlock has a great option for you.

They have many sets. so I encourage you to look at them at www.powerblock.com, then give me a call or e-mail to check our availabilty and super pricing. You really need to get your hands on a set and try them to know what I am talking about.  There is a reason you see so many trainers, and TV shows using these.











Used/Scratch & Dent Equipment
Our current inventory and consignment items for some of our commercial customer

Hotels & Resorts
This is one of our specialty areas, check out our great deals!.  We also offer a wide array of spa products including Saunas and steam baths.

When durability and performance are more important than big brand names and you have a small budget, we have the products that you need.   Not only the traditional fitness equipment items, but products like Treadwall (rock climbing walls) and Sportwall (interactive gaming boards)  not to mention DDR.

Physical Thearpy & Rehab Settings  


Do you feel like you are getting gougaed when you buy equipment and supplies just because you are a medical professional.  We believe that everone should be treated equally, fairly and get the same price regardless of the field.  Let us show you that high quality equipment is affordable and can be backed by professional competent service.